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When I waved goodbye permanently to my severe obesity, an odd 115 pounds ago, and when I was still suffering from Chronic Fatigue (ME)… I never would have known exactly what was in store for me.

I won’t bore you with how I did it exactly; there are plentiful of resources available on that. I changed my diet though did not diet, as I don’t do anything that has the word “die” in it where it comes to my health and has a statistic failure rate of over 90% percent. I started with walking around the block, initially one painful step at a time, which would launch me into bed for hours with fatigue. This later progressed to cardio, resistance training, biking, swimming, ice skating, and last year a dream came true when I learned how to inline skate. I never had any surgery, not a physical one anyway; the mental one was an overhaul of epic proportions to say the least. Since then I have coached others to achieve the same success, and promoted myself eventually to teaching men and women around the world to help others get those same results. I am proud to say that at this point, I have trained some of the most skilled professionals in the field of physical training and weight loss coaching. And I have done this simply by teaching them how the brain works!

So what is that “thing” that makes some succeed and others don’t? I think weight loss is predominantly a mind and evolution game.

Let me start with the evolution part, which is actually not predominantly an evolution in the physical sense at all. It is your evolution regarding how you use your brain, how you talk to yourself, your relationship with yourself, your ability to be the person in the driver’s seat of your emotions, limiting beliefs you may have, and your ability to connect to whatever is “source” to you. This means the permanent change of your physical self can’t go any faster than your spiritual, mental and emotional evolution. This is when you see someone drop weight quickly, hit the gym as if they are due to compete in the next Olympics, but then fall off that wagon 6 weeks later. Or worse, you see someone reach all of their milestones, but right before the finishing line they enable themselves to go right back to where they were. What happens here, is that there is a clear misalignment between the physical weight loss and what is going on spiritually and mentally (conscious and especially unconscious.) And boy, if you do want to kick something like obesity … if that spiritual and mental growth isn’t there, it is more like a daily flogging to motivate yourself. But success is possible when it actually becomes effortless! You drop the weight, simply by being in flow. It comes with swimming with the river, instead of up the stream. Will power is not required, because it is ineffective anyway because it won’t last a lifetime … it will probably last until the first Christmas, or home made macaroni & cheese prepared by someone who isn’t really your friend. Because the Mac & Cheese friends are likely the ones that you will divorce along the way anyway.

Sound vague and daunting? Not really. This is the most beautiful evolution a human being can actually experience, and it affects every fiber of your (spiritual) being. It is vague in a sense, because there isn’t a step-by-step program or ABCs. And if someone claims to have that, they have found to me the equivalent of the Holy Grail, where we do believe one size fits all. Seriously? One size fits all clothes … do they look good on anyone?

The spiritual evolution is different for everyone, and the mental construct causing the poor life style in the first place is also unique. This is why, in my opinion, it is necessary to learn a toolset that helps you understand strategies of the brain, how to switch from one emotion to the other, and to slay the dragons of your past, get connected to the present and launch yourself into a brighter future. For help with this, I would recommend any of the NLP Master Practitioner weight loss coaches I have trained over the years (of course I had to put this statement in, because I am committed to them!)

It is important to understand how your brain works consciously and unconsciously when it comes to faulty patterns like emotional eating, falling off the wagon in restaurants, or thinking the calories you eat alone don’t count. You also need to know how your brain works where it comes to motivation, to set goals in a way you can reach them, and laugh that Margarita away which equals the caloric count of your entire high carb high fat Mexican dinner.

When you eliminate that mind “noise” of your past, your inability to step into flow of today, and when you truly attach to that future in order for it to feel as if you have already reached your goal, the weight loss is a natural process. Regardless of the fact that you can’t see your own feet today, and tying your own shoelaces is actually exercise.

When your brain and the way you cope with your external world are noise free, then you have the opportunity to clear your mental and energetic grid. This allows for the epiphanies to come, the learning, and the new awarenesses. Sometimes because of dropping in weight and healing your body first, those awarenesses come. But often times, especially when you get close to your final goal, it is a matter for spiritual, conscious and unconscious awareness work to come first.

Weight loss can be a magnificent and effortless process! If you wish to get started today, and want me to connect you to one of my former students, please come visit my website and drop me a line.

Original article written by Nicole Schneider, LL.M. , Founder/Sr. Trainer, Global NLP Training. For more information about Global or Weight Management please go to: http://www.globalnlptraining.com/intro/nicole-schneider.html