shutterstock_111393362These are some of the Techniques and Methods used in Coaching sessions:

Self Assessment:
Utilizing a variety of questionnaires and tools, the client and coach formulate an “inventory” of goals, values and beliefs that serve to define realistic goals and result in positive outcomes.

Uses the power of self-affirmation and mental visualisation techniques to develop a positive inner goal as a means of developing a positive outer goal. This concentration on inner attitudes is essential to this approach, as a person’s outer success can never rise above the one visualized internally.

Neurolinguistic Programming:
NLP involves several stages including: gathering information about a problem state and desired goals, using specific tools and techniques to make interventions, and integrating proposed changes into the client’s life.

Behavior Modification:
Mainly uses techniques to increase adaptive behavior through reinforcement and decrease maladaptive behavior through extinction.

Based on the concept that everything one wants or needs may be accomplished by believing that one will receive that outcome, repeatedly thinking about it, imagining it and maintaining positive emotional states to “attract” it.

Cognitive Behavioral /Self Hypnosis:
Once a self-fulfilling prophecy or “problem cycle” is identified, the coach and client work together to change it through direct suggestion. This is done by addressing the way the client thinks and behaves in response to similar situations and by developing more flexible ways to think and respond, including reducing the avoidance of activities and the practicing of positive activities. This allows the client to escape the pattern of negative thoughts and behaviors.