The Millionaire Matchmaker Whips Our Editor’s Profile into Shape
When it comes to online dating, we’ve heard some doozies: He lied about his height — by five inches. He wore Velcro shoes and transition lenses. When he arrived he said, “Which one are you again?”

But one success would make it all worthwhile. So for today’s video, we enlisted the help of Patti Stanger, a.k.a. the Millionaire Matchmaker, to critique our editor Karen’s profile and answer a few common questions.

Stanger’s known for her tough love, so her advice wasn’t always pretty (at one point, she told Karen her profile sounded like Lindsay Lohan). But her assertion that a guy who “says he has three jobs — actor/author/waiter — is actually unemployed” might just prove useful down the road.

Unlike the guy who accidentally texted a photo of his man business after the date. (True story.)

You can watch the original interview from Daily Candy at: