Let’s face it: Few things are more awkward than meeting your ex’s new partner.

But on Monday, HuffPost Live offered up some tips on how to make that encounter a little less tense.

For starters, HuffPost Divorce blogger Jackie Pilossoph told host Nancy Redd that you want to be careful not to over do it when meeting the new guy or girl.

“There’s a fine line. You really should be very kind and nice and take the high road, but not over-the-top, gushingly sweet, hugging the person because we all know it’s going to be fake and you and her are never going to be best friends,” she said. “But say ‘Hi,’ extend your hand, and say ‘It’s wonderful to meet you.'”


Watch the video (above) for the complete interview with Pilossoph and others.

See original video at Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/26/ex-dating-someone-new_n_3504753.html

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