Nelly Palmer is extremely passionate about coaching and is committed to empowering her clients to recognize their abilities, uncover their full potential and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Using various techniques, she elicits the power of genuine spontaneous transformation, leading to a renewed long lasting interest in continued personal growth. With precise exercises over short periods of time, clients learn how to reach small milestones that lead to the successful achievement of lifelong goals.

She is currently writing her first book about the metamorphosis of life lessons over time. She details techniques and exercises for seeking new meaning that is in harmony with the true present self. This concept provides a new way of interpreting the important messages that echo from the past.

shutterstock_127455488Ms. Palmer periodically gives seminars on a variety of subjects including survival skills for divorce and dating. She is the Founder of Matchmakers International Inc. and South Florida Matchmakers Inc. These are newly formed international franchises that provide innovative dating opportunities to men and women over 40. Details, schedules for upcoming meetings, panels and events can be found on the Events page of her website.

Her work as a Life Celebrant Officiate helps people to commemorate important life transitions like promotions, divorce, housewarming, commitment ceremonies, break-ups, adoption, the loss of loved ones and other significant changes.  Ms. Palmer creates special ceremonies designed to celebrate meaningful life-changing events, making it easier for people to move forward more readily and securely.  She is the Founder of Blue Lotus Encounters, an International Society of Life Celebrants that offers a comprehensive online training program in this new and meaningful career.

logo from FB jpeg2As a charter member of the Success Coaching Network, she spearheads a project to unite Coaches worldwide in an effort to compile and share scientific data and research.

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What people are saying about Nelly Palmer.

Nelly Palmer, is a very rare person, I can compare her to only three other people I have known in my entire life. I have never seen Nelly Palmer do anything but the right thing, in anything and everything she has ever done. 
We have worked 16 hour days on projects and she has always been a leader, who is resourceful, creative, radiant, professional, focused, confident, and kind. Nelly gets the job done and always does the right thing.

J. Hammond – Printing, Direct Marketing, Filmmaking

Nelly Palmer is an excellent life coach. She helps you more in a few hours than most psychologists can over a long period of time. Nelly makes you see your full potential, opening your mind to limitless possibilities. She gives you creative, yet very realistic and logical steps to making your life the best it can be. A session with Nelly is one of the most rewarding experiences you can give yourself. I am so happy that I have the pleasure to work with and learn from Nelly Palmer!

P. Padovan – Broker-Associate at Ocean Club Realty

One day I made the decision to submit to the guidance of a life coach and Nelly Palmer came into play. She is a very skilled practitioner in the realm of life coaching and her capacity to care and nurture is boundless. Those qualities combined with her ability to understand behavior and articulate ideas rewarded me with self-confidence and drive. I am pleased to recommend a true professional like Nelly — she shines bright.

F. Sanchez – Brand Communications and Creative Executive

One of the most valuable gifts that Nelly brings to the table is her incomparable blend of life experience with successful business practices. As a Coach she is relentless in helping her clients meet their goals and she custom designs each coaching intervention based on the individual needs of that client.

J. Rego -Director, truVOICE Consulting, Inc.

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